Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I just turn up to train or do I have to book?
A. Choose the class that suits you and just turn up. There is no need to book, you can take part if you wish or just watch a class – either way you will be made very welcome.

Q. What do I wear?
A. Loose, non restrictive clothing will be fine. Most students come ready to train as changing facilities are limited.

Q. Who will I partner?
A. The ideal answer would be – bring a friend! If not, we will partner you with another student of similar sex/height/weight. If that’s not possible, one of the black belts will gladly help.

Q. Do I have to spar/fight?
A. No. We teach you to hit pads not people. If you do want to spar /fight we have separate classes to cater for competition training.

Q. How often would I be expected to train?
A. That is entirely up to you, some students train once a week, others four times weekly – it really is your choice.

Q. Do I have to be fit?
A. Weight and fitness are not a problem, it’s our job to get you fit and in shape.

Q. Can I train with you if I have trained in another martial art?
A. You are welcome to train with us, some of our members train in different styles in addition to training with NWCKB.

Q. Is there a contract or course that I have to sign up to?
A. No. We run our clubs simply – you pay each time you train. We feel strongly that it is unfair to pay upfront for a course of lessons that you may not be able to train at for whatever reason eg. ill health, holiday etc.

Q. Does NWCKB have a child protection policy?
A. Yes. We have a full range of required policies for you to read here.

Q. Do I need any insurance?
A. Yes. Kickboxing is classed as a high risk sport so you will need member to member insurance – this comes in the form of a licence. Please read our licence policy here.